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Men's FIVB $100,000 Goodwill Games July 22nd-July 26th,1998 New York City, New York

Men's FIVB $100,000 Goodwill Games

July 22-26, 1998 New York, New York 
Finish Player Partner Country Winnings Points  
1 Rogerio 'Para' Ferreira Guilherme Marques Brazil $30,000.00 340.0  
2 Adam Johnson Karch Kiraly United States $20,000.00 306.0  
3 Martin Conde Eduardo Martinez Argentina $15,000.00 272.0  
4 Julien Prosser Lee Zahner Australia $11,000.00 238.0  
5 Jan Kvalheim Bjorn Maaseide Norway $8,000.00 204.0  
6 John Child Mark Heese Canada $7,000.00 188.0  
7 Martin Laciga Paul Laciga Switzerland $5,000.00 170.0  
8 Ricci Luyties Sinjin Smith United States $4,000.00 154.0  


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Ian Clark Past Years International Tournament Results:



       Players                     Country               Points                         (US$)         Bonus(US$)

    1st Zé Marco-Ricardo  BRA                       340                  $ 20,000.00      $12,000.00

    2nd Ahmann-Hager       GER                        306                $13,000.00       $10,000.00

    3rd- Ian Clark-Boullianne    USA              272               $   8,000.00        $  7,000.00

     In the bronze medal match, Ian Clark-Boullianne USA and
     Paulão-Paulo Emilio BRA needed a thrilling tie-break to complete the
     podium. At 10-10 in the third set, Boullianne blocked and was twice
     present in defence, Paulão touching the net on the match ball! So the
     South American lost in the same close way, they did already in their
     semi-final rendezvous with Ahmann-Hager.




       Players       Country           Points                (US$)                            Bonus(US$)

      Maia-Brenha  POR              340                   $20,000.00                   $12,000.00
      Zé Marco-Ricardo
                             BRA             306                   $13,000.00                   $10,000.00
                             CAN             272                   $  8,000.00                   $  7,000.00
    4 th
      Boullianne-Ian Clark
                              USA              238                   $  6,000.00                   $  6,000.00

     At this game, the teams ZE MARCO - RICARDO (this one having been
     pushed in its last resources by American duet BOULLIANNE - IAN
     CLARK who did only lose 15-11 after a bitter 71 minutes battle) and
     MAIA - BRENHA proved to be a little more effective and thus gained
     the right to dispute the title and the medals.


 Players                 Country           Points                (US$)                            Bonus(US$

      Boullianne-Ian Clark
                              USA             102                   $  2,000.00                   $  1,200.00

The first day of the Main Draw competitions at Winston Men’s Russia Open, the 10th     stage of the 1998 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour, brought in some 2,000 spectators. This event was enthusiastically welcomed by the Russian spectators who appreciated the best beach volleyball players in the World. The weather was sunny and slightly windy with a high temperature of 21 C.Our USA guys each take home 3,200 for thirteenth. The winner as always each weekend is getting $32,000 for the team. Not a bad weekend's payout.

German team M.Dieckmann-C.Dieckmann lost their luck today. They beat Americans
Boullianne-Clark 15-10 only to lose Norwegians Kvalheim-Maaseide in short
31-minute game, with a discouraging final score 3-15.



 Main Draw Hotel

Tenerife.gif Tenerife1998-2.gif

 One thousand and five hundred kilometers from the
 Iberian Peninsula, over the Tropic of Cancer, and
 opposite the western coast of Africa, on an invisible
 line which surrounds the earth and on which some of
 the world's last paradises are to be found, lies
 Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands.

 Las Teresitas Beach is now used to host a wonderful
 World Tour event and there is no doubt the promoter
 will try to improve again this year.

 Karch and AJ, Kent and Whit are headed to Tenerife Spain to play in mid Sept, along with
 Sinjin-Luyties and Henkle- Wong. It will be interesting to see how that one plays out.
 Boullianne- Clark are there too, watch those frequent flier miles Ian!!!

Rk            Players   Country                 Prize                    Bonus
                                                           (US$)                   (US$)
      Emanuel-Loiola   BRA                20,000.00                12,000.00
                                    USA                13,000.00                10,000.00
      Ian Clark-Boullianne
                                     USA                   8,000.00                 7,000.00

The Americans Ian Clark - Boullianne and the Argentines Martínez - Conde were
 the first two teams proclaimed semi-finalists of the Beach Volleyball World Tour
 Spain Open. They reached it through the winners bracket, this is, without losing
 any match of the four that they played. Through the losers bracket, Americans
 Kiraly - Whitmarsh and Brazilians Emanuel - Loiola are the other semi-finalists
 each to matched against one of the teams from the winners bracket.

 In decisive matches, Clark - Boullianne defeated Brazilians Ze Marco - Ricardo
 15-5 in 35 minutes and Martínez - Conde defeated the Swiss Laciga brothers
 15-13 in 43 minutes, but not easily. The Europeans mastered the match from the
 beginning scoring 12-7, when the referee sanctioned a net touch. There was a
 protest by the Swiss team. The Laciga seemed nervous and they lost their
 precision. Martínez - Conde, very quiet and with a great game, forced errors to end
 with a victory. Settled down from their last match, the Laciga brothers played the
 Americans Kiraly - Whitmarsh but were not successful, losing 15-17.


 In Las Teresitas the spectators were part of the largest party of beach volleyball
 The Brazilians Emanuel-Loiola were proclaimed the champions of the Beach
 Volleyball World Tour Spain Open ‘98 defeating in the Final the Americans
 Kiraly-Whithmarsh by 12-4, 12-10. The first set, corroborated by the final result,
 was a game in which power was the key, rattling the Atlanta Olympic medallists. In
 the second, the men from the AVP reacted, but Emanuel-Loiola continued in their
 high level and with spectacular defence, saved points that were seeming lost. It
 was a great second set, together with the high level showed during the whole
 competition, without doubts the most important disputed this year, and perhaps
 also many years back, in any part of the world.

 In the match for the bronze medal, the Argentinean Martínez - Conde lost the
 semifinal 14-16, against the American team Ian Clark-Boullianne that made a
 great performance throughout all the Spain Open. The public was of the Argentine
 side, but the bronze medals remained in good hands.

 At 11 am , while the stadium was ready for the great party and the great final and
 with the presence in the official VIP Zone of FIVB President, Dr. Rubén Acosta,
 begin the semi-finals. The first one confronted the American team
 Kiraly-Whithmarsh, gold and silver medals respectively in the Olympics of Atlanta,
 with their compatriots Ian Clark-Boullianne. It was a strategist’s match, of a very
 high technical level. Thanks to a great defence and potent actions,
 Clark-Boullianne turned the match on their side by 6-2. Then the medallists team
 changed its tactics and started to attack with finesse instead of power. The score
 was tied the same as the game, but the result was still undecided even at
 Kiraly-Whithmarsh winning 13-12. Two perfect blocks by Whitmarsh decided the
 party: 15-13 and, on their way to the finals.

 The Argentineans Martínez - Conde always begins very well in Tenerife, but when
 the decisive hour arrives, the weight the responsibility put on them by almost all the
 public appears. Last year they lost in an incomprehensible end before
 Kvalkeim-Maaseide. This year they failed in the semi-final with Emanuel-Loiola.
 The Brazilians, without to much effort, defeated them 15-3.

 Before the big final there was a big party as always in Tenerife. The amazing
 spectacle of music and professional dancers leaded two party hours with a great
 novelty: the presence of the Carnival "comparsa" (dancers group), the Jaroperos,
 that wanted to be present in the great party of Beach Volleyball.


FIVB Men's Beach - Alanya, Turkey Open,11th-13th, September 1998


On the Mediterrenean Coast of Turkey you will be
 welcomed in the touristic paradise known as ALANYA.
 With the honour to host for the second time World
 Tour event, Alanya is ready to show you the Turkish
 hospitality over the marvelous beaches together with
 the historical places.

 From the International Airport(from Antalya Atatürk
 Airport ) it takesabout an hour and a half to reach
 Alanya. The competitions will again take place in
 Kleopatra Beach which was given to Kleopatra as a
 present by Marc Antonie at times. You will be able to
 join /watch to the tournament with one of the biggest
 stadium of Europe with the capacity of 5.5 thousand
Boullianne- Clark are there too, watch those camels they are nasty Ian & Beef!!!

Rk            Players            Country                 Prize                    Bonus
                                                                       (US$)                   (US$)
9th  Ian Clark-Boullianne   USA            $2,500.00             $2,000.00


Vitória, Brazil Open 03rd-06th, December 1998


 Urbanized in its 5 Km, Camburi Beach is the main place for cultural and sporting activities,
 sponsored by the local government - Major Hall -, during the summer. It has a wide seashore with thin, white sand which you can enjoy during the night, thanks to the powerful lights that illuminate it. This beach is the center of nightlife of the city as well as a place where boys and girls meet to practice surf. In all its extension, Camburi Beach has quiosques, restaurants, hotels, bars, beach volleyball and other beach activities.

Because of promotional reasons, FIVB agreed with a request of the organisers to move the Men's Open event from Fortaleza to Vitória, capital of the Espirito Santo state and home town of José Loiola. Vitória is located 40 minutes flight from Rio de Janeiro only and should facilitate atheltes' travel arrangements.

Rk            Players            Country                 Prize                    Bonus
                                                                       (US$)                   (US$)
9th  Ian Clark-Boullianne   USA              $2,500.00             $2,000.00

Congratulations to IMAN & BEEF on a fine showing this year on the 1998 FIVB World Tour!!!


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2 photos by Tammy Riusech

special thanks to Lynn, Lara,Patti and Michael Cole of Beachmania!!!

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